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afterglee's Journal

After Glee - A Roleplaying Game
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After Glee

Welcome to afterglee, a brand new rpg set after the hit television series Glee.

The New Directions have left High School & gone on to live separate lives. But now they are returning to Lima, each for their own reasons. What will happen when they reunite? Will sparks fly? Or will love be rekindled or born? It's all up to us!

Because of the nature of what may happen in this community, all muses & muns must be over 18 (this must be shown in your profile).

1) At this time we are only accepting characters from the Glee fandom. Both canon & made-up characters are welcome.

2) The rp will take place with in the comm, with posts being made here to help all members keep track of what is going on.

3) No god-modding. If you are seen to be doing this, you will be contacting by the mod & receive a 'strike'. If you receive 3 strikes, you will be removed from the rpg.

4) If you wish to do a storyline involving another members character, please contact them first.

5) If you have a problem with another member of the rpg, or something they are doing (or anything to do with the rpg at all), please contact the mod & they will deal with the situation.
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If you have absolutely any questions, please pm the comm mod, wontbealoser.

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